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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!


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JSL Stainless, Ltd.

JSL Stainless Ltd. is in many ways very much like the material it produces. Like stainless steel the company is versatile in its thought process, strong and unrelenting in its operations, environment friendly in its manufacturing process, bright, shining and beautiful in its community support activities. The list of the properties of stainless steel is endless, just as our values are all encompassing. JSL Stainless Ltd. has always been committed to innovation and progression, research and development. Our innovations are admired beyond the geographical boundaries of our country. No wonder we are the strategic partners of global leaders by choice. Our achievements narrate a story of our determination to succeed and our passion to win. We will continue to leverage our opportunities in creating excellence that the world cannot even think about. Today we are the largest integrated stainless steel producer in India, tomorrow we will rule the world. JSL Stainless Ltd. is a ISO: 9001 & ISO: 14001 company is the flagship company of the Jindal Organization. The company today, has come a long way from a single factory establishment, started in 1970. As the numero uno it has taken on the task of making stainless steel a part of everybody's life by taking a 360 degrees approach from production of raw materials to supply of architecture and lifestyle related products.
Products And Services
Duplex Stainless Steel
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JSL Stainless Ltd. 2205, a ferritic-austentic stainless steel having a high chloride pitting resistance is the new entrant in the product mix. Cold Rolled annealed strips find extensive application as tubular material in sea water, chemical and paper & pulp plants.
Group: Stainless steel
Special stainless steel
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Special stainless steel was developed for critical components in nuclear applications (304 L, 321 etc.) having very low inclusion content, high corrosion resistance (<10 MPY), ultrasonically sound (w.r.t. angular & straight beam probe testing), high temper tensile strength and impact...
Group: Noncorrosive steel
Blade steel
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The company is the exclusive producer of stainless teel strips for making razor blades and surgical blades in India. The plant has a capacity to produce 10,000 metric tonnes per annum. JSL Stainless Ltd. can readily supply Stainless Razor Blade Steel as per the broad material specifications /...
Group: Sheets made of steel
Cold rolled coils
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Cold rolled coils and sheets are produced after being processed in the 20 Hi Mill, continuous anneal & pickle line, skin pass mill slitting line and cut to length lines. Absolute flat sheets are produced after being put through the Voss leveller. Sheets & cold rolled coils are available in...
Group: Sheet roll (cold rolled)
Hot rolled Coils
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As cast/ ground slabs are first heated and soaked in reheating furnace, rolled in roughing mill to intermediate thickness and then to the final thickness in the steckel mill.
Group: Hot rolled coils
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Cast in single strand slab caster of steel melt shop I. Liquid steel is produced through electric arc furnace-AOD Convertor/VOD-Ladle refining furnace route.
Group: Plates of rolled steel


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